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CREST Discovery Award

The CREST Discovery Award is a new CREST Award aimed at young people aged 11-14 and is ideal for collapsed time-table days.

Want to get started straight away? Why not try the brand new Community Garden Challenge - downloadable pack and introduction video to get started with this new activity from the National Science & Engineering Week team.

About the Award

The CREST Discovery Award recognises quality science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) project work that is done over a short period of time (typically a day). It focuses on fun, teamwork and transferable skills. Like all CREST Awards, creativity, decision making, problem solving and communication are key to gaining a Discovery Award, as is putting projects in a real-world context.

What kinds of activities can lead to a CREST Discovery Award?

 To achieve the award, students will need to demonstrate various skills including:

  • Problem solving
  • Independent learning
  • Organisation
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Your CREST Local Coordinator has the full details of what is required and will be able to advise you on suitable activities. CREST Discovery Award days could be organised around any STEM topic or theme. If you want to run a 'Discovery Day' you can either:

  • Use our pre-prepared, accredited and piloted ‘Community garden challenge’ resources, which have been developed to complement National Science & Engineering Week
  • Run a CREST Discovery Award day in conjunction with a pre-accredited CREST link scheme
  • Develop your own CREST Discovery Award day activities and get these ‘accredited’ in advance of the day by your CREST Local Coordinator. It’s best to chat through your ideas with them at the early planning stages.