Chapter 1 - Creating a new culture

Culture Shock is for professionals looking to be inspired, challenged and provoked about how they engage with different audiences and approach interdisciplinary partnerships.

This new event explores the interface between science and other areas of our culture, and how they can work together. The one-day event will be a series of thought-provoking talks and interviews to explore the emotional journey taken by people, who immerse themselves in another world, following the four stages of culture shock - honeymoon, anxiety, adjustment and assimilation.

For our first event, the British Science Association and Fun Palaces are partnering to bring together scientific and arts audiences, to look at how we can create a new culture. 

The arts and the sciences have for too long been seen as opposite ends of a spectrum - one all creativity, the other all number-crunching. Not only is this dichotomy unrealistic, it means we miss out on the exciting innovations and ideas that might come from blurring the boundaries between these two fields. But navigating the established divide can be difficult.

The day will feature talks, interviews and performances including:

  • Psychotherapist, author and TV presenter: Philippa Perry
  • Author Colin Grant
  • TourettesHero Jess Thom
  • Opera singer Sani Muliaumaseali'i
  • Inventor in Residence at Gillespie School, Carole Kenrick
  • Brockwell Lido Fun Palace co-Makers, Alzheimer's Research UK Fellow Dr Elizabeth Glennon and writer Shelley Silas

The full programme will be released over the coming months.

To get a great range of voices in the room, people from larger organisations are able to buy 'donor passes', which will subsidise the tickets of young people, volunteers and other people who would otherwise be unable to attend. We hope this will help create sharing between people who are well established in arts and sciences, and those just starting out.

Details for how to receive a bursary and other information is in our FAQs below – if you can’t find an answer to your question here, email cultureshock(at)britishscienceassociation(dot)org.

Buy your ticket at our eventbrite page

Who should attend the event?

Anyone with a professional interest in either the arts - visual, written or performance, the sciences or the interfaces between the two. This event is for professionals that want to be inspired and challenged about the way they communicate and create cross-disciplinary partnerships.

Does your organisation want to engage with audiences from different sectors or backgrounds? Do you find that there is a silo when you approach people from other professional sectors or when you talk to audiences who ‘aren’t like you’? Do you feel like you could learn from other professional sectors?

Then Culture Shock is for you. The event will provide a unique space to explore the challenges and opportunities of working with different cultures and aims to create new cross-sector partnerships.

What’s included in the ticket?

Tickets include participation in the event, and tea and coffee throughout the day. There are a number of local sandwich shops and restaurants near the venue or delegates are free to bring their own lunch.

I can’t afford a ticket – can I still come?

If you’re unable to afford a ticket to Culture Shock, perhaps because you’re a freelancer starting out, student, volunteer, or currently unemployed, you may still be able to get a bursary ticket funded by donations from other ticket buyers.

To apply for a bursary ticket, please send an email to cultureshock(at)britishscienceassociation(dot)org, with 200-300 words explaining why you want to attend the event, and what you think you’ll contribute - this could be n the day or after the event. e.g. by blogging about it. Please include a description of your current situation, where you live and why you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the event. It is not our policy to provide travel costs, but in extraordinary circumstances we will consider a request.

From September 30, we will start to release bursary tickets as and when we are able to. If you’re unsuccessful in getting a bursary, you’ll still be able to buy a ticket for the early bird price up to the day of the event, provided it isn’t sold out.

Can I get a refund? 

Full refunds are available up to four weeks prior to the event, with a 50% refund available up to one week prior. No refunds are available with less than one week's notice.