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Current Honorary Fellows

Current British Science Association Honorary Fellows:
Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
Mr Dick Ahlstrom
Dr Anjana Ahuja
Dr Eric Albone
Emeritus Professor Salim Al-Hassani
Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Professor Sir Geoffrey Allen
Ms Sheila Anderson
Sir David Attenborough
Professor Frances Balkwill
Professor J G Beetlestone
Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Professor Colin Blakemore
Sir Walter Bodmer
Dr Peter Briggs
Mr Bill Bryson
Professor Chris Budd
Ms Frances Cairncross
Sir Neil Chalmers
Professor Frank Close
Dr Deborah Cohen
Sir David Cooksey
Mr Clive Cookson
Sir Neil Cossons
Professor Brian Cox
Mr Christopher Dalton
Professor Patrick Dowling
Professor John Durant
Mr Bernard Dyer
Sir Sam Edwards
Dr Graham Farmelo
Professor Chris Frith
Professor Uta Frith
Dr Richard Fortey
Professor Malcolm J Frazer
Mr E J Fullagar
Dr Ian Gibson MP
Dr Lesley Glasser
Professor Julia Goodfellow
Professor William Gosling
Professor George Gordon
Baroness Susan Greenfield
Mr Adam Hart-Davis
Mr Peter Hatfield
Professor Helen Haste
Professor Dame Julia Higgins
Mr Roger Highfield
Sir Roland Jackson
Professor Lisa Jardine
Professor Steve Jones
Professor John Holman
Mr Andrew Hunt
Professor Alan Irwin
Dr Cyril Isenberg
Mr Colin Johnson
Professor Peter Kalmus
Professor Sir David King
Professor Julia King
Sir Hans Kornberg
Dr Nancy Lane
Sir Bernard Lovell
Dr Mark Lythgoe
The Lord Browne Of Madingley
Sir John Mason
Clare Matterson
Mr John Milbourn
Dr David Moore
The Lord Moser of Regents Park
Sir Howard Newby
Sir Paul Nurse
The Lord Waldegrave of North Hill
Dame Bridget Ogilvie
The Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool
Professor Lord May of Oxford
Dr Becky Parker
Ms Vivienne Parry
Professor Nick Pidgeon
Professor David Phillips
Professor Sir Joseph Pope
Mr Tim Radford
Lord Rees of Ludlow
Professor Michael Reiss
Dr Alice Roberts
Ms Kay Roberts
Sir Derek Roberts
The Lord Jenkin of Roding
Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell
The Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Professor Marcus Du Sautoy
Professor Andrea Sella
Mr J Michael Sheasby
Dr Kenneth Skeldon
Mrs Barbara Smail
Dr Laurence Smaje
Mr D B Smart
Professor Kathy Sykes
Sir Richard Sykes
Ms Gillian Thomas
Professor Jeff Thompson
The Lord Sainsbury of Turville
Dr Peter Warren
Professor Sir David Weatherall
Sir Peter Williams
Ms Lorelly Wilson
Professor Lord Winston
Professor Richard Wiseman
Professor Lewis Wolpert
Mrs Gillian Wood

In Memoriam:
Sir Charles Carter
Dr J G Collingwood
Lady Barbara Dainton
Sir Kenneth Durham
Professor Douglas Everett
Professor G E Fogg
Emeritus Professor R Gregory
Sir Andrew Huxley
Professor Dame Anne McLaren
Lord Porter
Sir Denis Rooke