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New vision, new structure, new opportunities

New vision, new structure, new opportunities

by Imran Khan, Chief Executive of the British Science Association.


We've just completed a major review of the Association's aims, had a resulting restructure - and we're now pleased to invite applications for nine newly-created roles to help us achieve our new vision, of a world where science is seen as a part of culture and society, rather than just a profession or a subject. 

The short version is that we think that many of the criticisms that we as the science sector level at everyone else - whether that's not enough science in the media, poor use of evidence by politicians, emphasis on the wrong things at school, or lack of funding for research - are actually symptoms of a deeper issue; that we haven't done enough to make science a part of our culture that everyone can access. And that's what we want to fix.

You can read more about that new vision here.

To meet these aims, we've reshaped our organisation to focus on audiences, instead of products. We want this new way of working to result in some innovative projects and partnerships in the coming years. 

As a result of that reshaping we have a number of new roles, below, that we need to fill. If you'd like to have an informal discussion about any of them, email recruitment 'at' britishscienceassociation 'dot' org, and we'll put you in touch with the relevant manager.

The deadline for applications for most roles is 9am on the 18th of August. Successful applicants will be joining an existing team at an exciting time of transition and renewal, and hopefully help to reshape a historic but changing organisation. Click here for a organisational chart to see the context of the roles below.

Head of Engagement (£37-41k)

Along with the Head of Education, and the Head of Cultural Development, this person will be one of the three key people responsible for delivering existing programmes and developing new ones that reach our target audiences. Key projects will include British Science Week, our nationwide network of branches, our Festival activity, and much more.

Finance Manager (£31-35k)

We need a rigorous but innovative person to help revamp our finance systems, and work with managers across the Association to help us focus on challenging targets in line with our new strategy.

Events Manager (£30-33k)

This person will help create, curate, produce, and manage events across the Association, ranging from the Science Communication Conference, to the British Science Festival, to supporting volunteers around the country with advice on events.

Policy & Campaigns Manager (£30-33k)

This person will manage our existing policy, professional, and media projects and campaigns, including Sciencewise, Media Fellowships, and the Science Communication Conference - but also help us and our community develop a new and distinctive approach to public interest or communication campaigns and policy advocacy.

Schools Manager (£30-33k)

Our approach to science education will emphasise creating a generation of school-leavers who are comfortable with and interested in science, regardless of whether or not they go on to study STEM subjects - let alone become scientists or not. Our Schools Manager will work with teachers, schools, young people, and local and national STEM-education organisations to further this aim.

Project Officer (£20-25k)

We have two vacancies (one permanent, one maternity cover) in a new team of Project Officers who will support programmes across the Association. These staff will have an exciting and regularly changing set of responsibilities including events production, volunteer management, education/engagement resource creation, marketing & communications, research, and more.

Marketing Officer (£20-25k, maternity cover)

This role will be responsible for creating marketing campaigns and materials, particularly for programmes such as British Science Week and the Festival, that help us reach our target audiences.

Data Officer (£20-24k)

Our new community-focused approach will require better use of data. We need the support of a data officer to work with staff across the Association to track our beneficiaries and target our programmes, as well as refine our membership strategy.

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