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Professor Robert Winston

The President of British Science Association for 2004-2005 was Professor Robert Winston, having taken over at the end of the British Science Festival in Exeter.

Professor Winston is Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London and Director of NHS Research and Development for The Hammersmith Hospitals Trust, one of the UK's leading medical research centres.

As a peer he takes the Government Whip (Lord Winston of Hammersmith since 1995) and speaks regularly in the House of Lords on education, science, medicine and the arts. He was the recent Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology and is a board member of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. He has been Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University since 2001.

Professor Winston regularly presents BBC science programmes. Series include "Your Life in Their Hands" (five series), "Making Babies, "The Human Body" (three BAFTAs and a Peabody award), "Secret Life of Twins", "The Superhuman" (October 2000 - Wellcome Award for Medicine and Biology) and, most recently “Human Instinct” (Emmy nomination and BMA Gold Medal Award), “The Human Mind” and "Child of our Time". His programme on DNA, “The Threads of Life” won the international Science Prize in Paris last year and he recently won the VLV Award for the most outstanding personal contribution to British television in 2003.

For his tenure as British Science Association President, Professor Winston chose the theme “Setting the agenda for science”.