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x-change speakers - day 2

Another incredible show for day 2 of the x-change: Bronze Age combat and sharks, and every Brit's favourite topic... the weather!

Hayley Fowler

Professor of Climate Change Impacts, Helen Fowler, will be answering questions on her Joseph Lister Award Lecture: What is happening to our weather? Definitely a very topical subject this summer!

Jonathan Houghton

Oceanographer Jonathan  presents a snipet from the Charles Lyell Award Lecture Blue seas research - predators and prey in an ever-changing system; unravelling the behaviour and threats faced by top predators at sea. 

James Littlewood

The Director of The Natural History Society of Northumbria presents a stuffed Kittiwake and discusses how they breed in central Newcastle and  what we can learn about them through new and old fashioned science techniques.

Antonia Hamilton

Find out how learning skills like music, dance and knot tying changes the brain and how differences in learning can help us understand conditions like autism and schizophrenia.


Andrea Dolfini

Bronze Age Combat: An experimental approach - how innovative Bronze Age combat simulation helps us better understand prehistoric warfare. A chance to see some geuine Bronze Age weapons!  

Terry Harvey-Chadwick

A.K.A The Science Viking, Terry will be taking time out from his busy schools programme to come and blow something up for us! Personally, I think he's just coming to get a look at the Bronze age weapons...

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