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x-change speakers - day 3

The Ugly Animals are coming! Along with the man whose work inspired the writing of Slum Dog Millionaire, a Victorian science spectacular, and more...

John Lazarus

John is Associate Researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience. He will be playing The ultimatum game, often played in economic experiments, in which two players decide how to divide money.

Sugata Mitra

Education Innovator and winner of the $1 million TED Prize, his research inspired Vikas Swarup to write  the book Q&A, which became best known as Danny Boyle’s film “Slumdog Millionaire”

Tim Cockerill

Showcase examples of science from victorian era - phonographs, magic lanterns, electrical experiments - have attitudes to innovation and the future changed since then? Someone may be "shocked" !

 Elin Roberts

Elin is Head of Public Engagement at the Centre for Life.Elin believes enjoying science isn’t just for scientists. Which is why today she will be playing Jenga in the name of science!

Simon Watt

The Ugly Animals are coming! Simon is dedicated to raising profile the profile of some of nature’s more aesthetically challenged animals. Who will be the nation's Ugly Animal mascot?

Noel Jackson

Head of Education at Centre for Life, Noel will be performing a demo about animal adaptations and demonstrating to us how marine creatures are insulated, using Blubber Gloves and ice!

Imran Khan

Chief Executive of the British Science Association talks to us about the challenges of engaging the public through science communication, and putting on the British Science Festival


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