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Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) enrichment activities to inspire and engage young people aged 5-19 years


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Resources and support available

You can find resources and support for setting up a Club at the STEM Clubs website

Rewarding and engaging for teachers and mentors

Adults involved in STEM clubs can benefit just as much as the students (Photos courtesy of The Big Bang)

Students can be proud of their achievements at any level

From the first time they undertake a project to competing in national competitions, clubs can cater for all. (Photos courtesy of The Big Bang)

In your area

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Find your CREST Local Coordinator

Advice on how to support clubs

There are many ways to support a STEM Club, from vounteering to providing resources or organising events for club leaders.

Volunteer with a STEM Club

Become a STEM Ambassador and volunteer with one or several local clubs. 

You can decide on your level of commitment, i.e. single sessions or more regular involvement – will you help out day-to-day, or offer to come in and help with certain activities?  Just get stuck in and be a good role model!

Provide direct support for club leaders

Find out what club leaders want:

  • Establish what club leaders want their STEM club to achieve
  • Find out what is already working for clubs
  • Understand the Big Issues clubs face
  • Highlight existing resources, funding opportunities and support

Provide resources, activities, competitions, club events, visits, or financial support

Develop something that is beneficial for club leaders and that young people will be interested in:

  • Ask club leaders what they want and respond to their need
  • Make it easy to get involved and give clear guidance and support throughout
  • Offer opportunities that go beyond what is required of the curriculum and develop something exciting, engaging, interesting and practical
  • Be flexible about how the club can access and make use of the opportunity on offer
  • Explore interdisciplinary activities that involve more than one STEM subject
  • Promote the benefits of getting involved and identify and address any potential barriers to participation
  • Work with partners who can support development, delivery and promotion

For more guidance on developing club leader activities and top tips, see our guide. [link to: What makes a good STEM Club activity]

Organise and promote events for club leaders

Club leaders want events where they can: 

  • Meet other club leaders
  • Acquire new skills
  • Find out about new opportunities
  • Develop ideas for new activities
  • Meet people who can support them

Other helpful points to consider when organising events for club leaders are:

  • Suitable event formats include training sessions, workshops, idea sharing events, networking events and launch events
  • Be clear on your objectives for each event
  • Try not to clash with other STEM events and compliment other activities that are happening in the region
  • Promote events widely and to diverse audiences: STEM club leaders can be well hidden but are often passionate enough to travel long distances to attend an event