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Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) enrichment activities to inspire and engage young people aged 5-19 years


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Resources and support available

You can find resources and support for setting up a Club at the STEM Clubs website

Rewarding and engaging for teachers and mentors

Adults involved in STEM clubs can benefit just as much as the students (Photos courtesy of The Big Bang)

Students can be proud of their achievements at any level

From the first time they undertake a project to competing in national competitions, clubs can cater for all. (Photos courtesy of The Big Bang)

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Club leader events: things to think about

Top tips for any event:

  • Make sure the event will be something teachers and STEM Club leaders are interested in
  • Make sure they walk away with something of value

CPD or TeachMeet?

There are many types of events which can be run for STEM Club Leaders, including CPD sessions or STEM TeachMeets.  To decide on your event type, you need to consider your aims.  Things to think about include:

  • Do you want ideas sharing or training?
  • Do you want the event to be informal or formal?
  • Who are the ‘experts’?

How the STEM Clubs Network did it: STEM Clubs CPD

Format: Experienced club leaders deliver a training-style CPD session on STEM clubs  that addresses Big Issues identified by attendees prior to the meeting.


  • Experienced STEM clubs leaders willing to be trained to deliver CPD in their school
  • CPD Champions given support and information to help them address the issues
  • Dedicated support for recruitment and administration
  • Successful Champions used their own knowledge and experience to support the attendees.


  • Attendees get training tailored to their needs
  • Training comes from a credible, experienced source
  • Trainer can use own experience when addressing issues
  • Gives experienced STEM clubs leaders new skills and opportunities

How the STEM Clubs Network did it: STEM TeachMeets

Format: Teachers, technicians, TLAs, etc. share their STEM enrichment experiences with each other in a short presentation or demonstration. Informal Q&A and other discussions can follow.