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Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) enrichment activities to inspire and engage young people aged 5-19 years


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Undertaking a CREST Award can be very beneficial to both student and teacher/mentor. Below we have listed some of the main benefits of undertaking the scheme for both groups, although you may find personally that there are even more!

Student Benefits

  • Motivates students of all ages and abilities
  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Develops practical and thinking skills as well as supporting presentation and communication skills
  • Raises students' levels of achievement
  • Prepares students for ‘How Science Works’ at GCSE
  • Allows students to explore their own ideas and interests within science, engineering and technology
  • Encourages team work
  • Helps to bridge the gap between science and technology in the classroom and the 'real world', preparing students for the world of work
  • Raises awareness of different careers in science, engineering and technology
  • Provides opportunities for involvement in regional and national events

“Undertaking CREST is a wonderful opportunity to conduct your very own research project and undertake a real challenge outside of the school curriculum. My research project has given me the opportunity to showcase my work to thousands of members of the public, compete in a prestigious national competition and is an item on my CV that is regularly highlighted in interviews. The experience gave me the chance to meet many new people and interact with a wide range of individuals, developing some vital skills for life. I would thoroughly recommend anybody with a passion for science and scientific enquiry to take on the challenge of completing a CREST award.” Ellie Ogilvie, CREST Gold Award Student 2009

“It has boosted my confidence and shown me I have more skills than what I thought, if I stepped out of my comfort zone.”
  CREST Bronze Award student, 2011

Helping your students to stand out from the crowd!

Universities, colleges and employers are looking for people who can problem solve, work hard and work well with other people. A CREST Award says that your students can do this! CREST Awards are also endorsed by UCAS for use in personal statements.

CREST is not a competitive scheme, if your students meet the criteria, they will receive an award – all can succeed. Students receive a high-quality and personalised CREST certificate – a tangible and impressive way to remember their hard work.

“It’s helped the self-esteem for some low achievers for whom it is their major achievement in school.”
 CREST teacher, 2011

Teacher Benefits

  • Provides a tried and tested framework for the creative exploration of STEM subjects in a hands-on way
  • Enhances departmental visibility and provides opportunities for gaining additional finance for your department 
  • Enhances and supports the curriculum facilitating delivery of STEM activities in schools 
  • Adds value to existing project activities that fit CREST criteria
  • Provides opportunities for internal and external promotion 
  • Supports ‘How Science Works’ in GCSE courses 
  • Complements new curricula e.g. GCSE in Applied Science 
  • Can be used to enhance by accreditation e.g. work experience placements, enterprise activities and coursework 
  • Supports Applied Courses and Diplomas through providing a work context
  • Encourages links between schools and industry using industrial mentors 
  • Demonstrates the 'added value' your school can offer pupils and parents 

‘We’ve been running CREST at Framwellgate School successfully for several years now and they give excellent added value to the curriculum, recognising achievements of our students and encouraging them to take part in science out side the classroom. The schemes provide a valuable insight into what science is really like, challenging them to think, work and communicate like a real scientist. It's not surprising to discover that CREST has encouraged many of our students to pursue careers in science and given them a love of science and of learning’. Michele Francis, Director of Science

Mentor Benefits

  • Enhanced reputation and profile in the community
  • Hands-on people and project management experience
  • Trains and encourages the next generation of scientists and engineers (whilst enjoying their enthusiasm)
  • Develops communications skills through a structured scheme
  • Reveals new ways to communicate about project areas

'This scheme is a wonderful means to give young people a start in life and a spring-board to develop their careers in a scientific field.' Dr. Tim Sandle, Bio Products Laboratory