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Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) enrichment activities to inspire and engage young people aged 5-19 years


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Celebrating achievement in national competition level

Gianamar receiving the CREST prize for Understanding of Real World Context at the 2012 NSEC finals

Acknowledging success through CREST Awards

Making sure students have a tangible recognition of their hard work, effort and success that is respected by organisations such as UCAS.

A framework for good quality project work in STEM

The CREST Awards offers a robust and consistent framework for students and mentors to use to create high quality projects

Resources available to promote and support the scheme

There are lots of resources available to promote and support the scheme – none more important than our CREST Local Coordinator Network

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To help cover some of scheme's costs there is a small fee for each CREST Award registration (i.e. per person).  The rates as of the 26th August 2014 are:

  • Discovery - £3.00
  • Bronze - £5.00
  • Silver - £10.00
  • Gold - £20.00

The registration fee is collected by your CREST Local Coordinator, click here to find their contact details.

For details of the reviewed pricing from September 2014 read the CREST pricing news article

What your CREST Local Coordinator provides

The network of CREST Local Coordinators organise and administer the CREST Awards. They will provide expert guidance throughout the scheme and help you register. Here's a quick run-down of what your Local Coordinators can provide:

  • Registration forms
  • Further project ideas and support
  • Links with mentors in industry or higher education
  • CREST student profile forms, which guide students through their project work
  • Assessment of awards at Silver and Gold level
  • Certificates on completion of the project work
  • Information on funding and sponsorship (if available)
  • Information on CREST regional and national events
  • Your Local Coordinator can also give advice on Gold Award information for independent projects, when students decide to complete project work outside of any structured schemes and networks.

International schools and students

Individual schools in countries outside the UK who wish to participate in CREST Awards can also get involved

Summary price list:
Initial registration £100 (includes teacher guidance)

  • CREST Discovery Award   £6.50
       (includes certificate & Discovery passport)
  • CREST Bronze Award       £10
       (includes certificate & workbooks)
  • CREST Silver Award         £20
       (includes certificate, profile form & moderation)
  • CREST Gold Award          £35
       (includes certificate, profile form & moderation)

(Note that separate, tailored arrangements are in place in countries which have a specific agreement with the British Science Association. British Forces Overseas schools, with a BFPO address, are considered part of the UK system and will continue to be treated as British schools by CREST).