CREST Discovery Awards offer a great first introduction to project work. They work well completed in one day – often by a whole class or year group; they take about five hours and are ideal for collapsed time-table days or for undertaking as a club or youth group activity day.

Why not run a Discovery Day with your club, class or youth group?

Creativity and transferrable skills

CREST Discovery focuses on fun, teamwork and transferrable skills. While typically undertaken by 11-to-14-year-olds, they are a useful introduction to project work for any age group and youth setting and can also help to build young people’s confidence in project work before embarking on working towards CREST Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Like all CREST Awards, creativity and enquiry are key to gaining a Discovery Award; activities are designed to help young people see projects in a real-world context.

CREST Discovery requires students to demonstrate skills including: problem solving, independent learning, organisation, teamwork, and communication.

Participating in a link scheme – a partnership programme run by another organisation – can help young people achieve CREST Awards.  This list of programmes all link with CREST Discovery.