CREST Discovery Awards offer a great first introduction to project work. They take around five hours, and are suitable for a whole group to complete in one day.

CREST Discovery Award days could be organised around any STEM topic or theme. If you want to run a 'Discovery Day' you can either:

  • Use the British Science Association (BSA)’s pre-prepared, accredited and successfully piloted Community Garden Challenge

  • Challenge your students with free resources from one of the BSA’s link schemes or invite a CREST partner to run the day for you

  • Develop your own CREST Discovery Award day activities – your CREST Local Coordinator will be able to give advice on what type of activities are suitable for a Discovery Day. They will be also able to offer advice on how to get your activities accredited by the BSA in advance, to ensure they are in line with CREST standards. It is a good idea to talk to them during your early planning stages so that they can offer guidance and ideas. 

For more information on how to introduce CREST Awards to your school or organisation, visit our Getting Started page.

See CREST Discovery projects in action: Discovery Friday The Big Bang Fair!