For almost three decades, the British Science Association's (BSA) CREST Awards have been providing successful STEM enrichment activities for young people. It is used by around a third of all UK secondary schools each year and last year, over 33,000 students achieved a CREST Award.

We believe that STEM activities should provide opportunities for students to work creatively, supporting the development of broader life skills valuable whatever career path students choose. Creativity is central to the CREST Awards and is a key part in many STEM enrichment opportunities in the UK.

One-off activities are not usually enough to develop a lifelong interest in science. Most students need to experience a range of activities that stimulate their interest and show the range of applications of STEM subjects. Provision needs to be joined-up so that students and teachers have a ladder of activities in which one activity leads easily to the next activity.

The BSA's CREST framework provides a clear journey for students from Discovery Awards to Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Our framework is also suited to partnerships with other activity providers. For example, in the UK we currently work with over 35 partner organisations who provide activities that are linked to the CREST framework. Students who participate in our partners’ link scheme activities can receive a CREST Award for their project work and are automatically eligible to enter the UK's National Science + Engineering Competition

There have been a number of evaluation reports into CREST produced in recent years.  These include:

For further information about the benefits of CREST and how your organisation might partner with or support us, please email CREST@britishscienceassociation.or