Silver Awards stretch students and enrich their studies. They require around 30 hours of project work and are typically completed by 14-to-16-year-olds.  Suitable coursework (e.g. GCSE Design and Technology) or other project work for work related learning, could be used to achieve CREST Silver Awards.

By working towards a CREST Silver Award, students begin to develop their own project idea – they are encouraged to lead it and use their teacher, club leader or supervisor as a sounding board for discussions. They are also expected to consider the broader impact of their project, demonstrate an innovative approach, and write a project report or portfolio of evidence to present to their CREST assessor.

CREST Silver can count towards a DofE Skills section and is also validated as 20hrs towards the Children's University Passport to Learning.

Participating in a link scheme – a partnership programme run by another organisation – can help young people achieve CREST Awards.  This list of programmes all link with CREST Silver.

Read more about how to support students through CREST Silver here.  

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