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Special educational needs CREST Star activities

CREST Star activities have been proven to work well in teaching practical science to children with special educational needs. Our scheme is currently used in over 40 special schools nationwide.

These CREST Star activities have been specifically adapted for special educational needs (SEN) as part of the National Science & Engineering Week Super Science activity pack. The activities use Widgit Symbols to help learners with cognitive learning difficulties; to find out more visit


The activities are designed for children who have difficulty following instructions given purely in text. They may also have difficulty in remembering a series of verbal instructions. The pupil materials are therefore supported with symbols and photographs. This widens access to important science learning.

Star activity - Teabag Trouble
Poor Uncle Astro. He wants to make a nice cup of tea but he’s run out of tea bags. The shop is only selling packets of loose tea leaves. Uncle Astro doesn’t like tea leaves floating around in his drink, so Cosmic and Gem wonder if they can make him some tea bags. Find the best material to make a tea bag for Uncle Astro.

Teabag Trouble (SEN) activity card

Teabag Trouble (SEN) data sheet


Star activity - Slippery & Sliding Shoes
It is a wet day and Gem wears her wellingtons to go to school. She waves ‘bye’ to dad, turns round and runs down the corridor into the hall. SPLAT!! Gem’s feet fly from under her and she falls heavily onto the hall floor. Cosmic is late too. He runs into the hall. “Watch out!” shouts Gem. Too late, SPLAT!! Cosmic slips on the floor too. Cosmic and Gem look at their shoes. Then they rub their bruises and wonder how they can stop it happening again. Can you help them?

NB. The Super Science version of this activity is named Slippery & Slipping Slopes

Slippery Slopes (SEN) activity card

Slipping Slopes (SEN) activity card

Slippery Slopes (SEN) data sheet

Slipping Slopes (SEN) data sheet

SuperStar activity - Super Spinners
Can you help Mr Sycamore decide if the size of a helicopter’s blades makes a difference to how it flies? Building full size helicopters is difficult but you can have fun making paper helicopter blades and watching how they fall.

Super Spinners (SEN) activity card

Super Spinners template


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