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Activities for home & holidays

Free activities from CREST Star particularly suitable for home and holidays. Great for home schooling, they combine play and learning to support your child’s education and understanding of the world around them.

  • Star activities are aimed at younger children, usually 5 – 7 year olds
  • SuperStar activities are ideal for slightly older children, usually 7 – 9 year olds
  • MegaStar activities are most suitable for older children, typically 9 – 11year olds

With a little extra support from an adult or older child all the activities can be done by younger children, and many older kids will enjoy any of the activities here.

Each activity resource is in two parts which can be downloaded for free:

  • An "activity" card for the children to use, which sets out the problem and contains the questions for the children to discuss and helps them decide how to solve the problem.
  • An "organiser" card which contains step-by-step instructions for running the activities; it also lists the resources you will need and gives the background science.

You can find more activities to download by following the links on the left

Free activities to download

Indoor Star activity – Music Maker
Cosmic and Gem are having breakfast with Uncle Astro. Gem is tapping things with her spoon to make sounds. Cosmic notices that the tune sounds different after he has poured fruit juice out of the bottle and the mugs are filled with tea. So Gem plays again. Chunk, chunk, chunk goes her mug. Plink, plink, plink goes the teapot. Cling, cling, cling goes the fruit juice bottle. Tunk, tunk, tunk goes Cosmic’s glass. “Hey, that was a different tune! How did you do that?” asks Cosmic. “I don’t know,” says Gem. “I’m not sure either,” Uncle Astro adds. “Let’s find out and then we can play a tune.”

Music Maker activity card

Music Maker organiser card


Outdoor Star activity – Animal Adventures
Cosmic and Gem are bored. Gem wants to go on an animal adventure. Uncle Astro said that they will find minibeasts if they look carefully. Gem looks high and low but she can’t find any little animals. Cosmic thinks that they should go to ask Uncle Astro for help. Have you seen any little animals where you live? Where do you think Uncle Astro will tell them to look?

Animal Adventures activity card

Animal Adventure organiser card


Indoor SuperStar activity – Recycle Reuse
Paper was first created in China by Ts’ai Lun in A.D. 105. He mixed hemp, mulberry bark, and rags with water, mashed them, pressed out the liquid and hung it to dry. This humble idea has allowed people around the world to communicate ideas, share news and create works of art. But paper production has a major impact on the environment. It’s time to take action! You can help by recycling.

Recycle Reuse activity card

Recycle Reuse organiser card



Outdoor SuperStar activity - Under Your Feet
Children’s writer, Stella Storyteller, is writing her latest book. It’s the story of two special children who wake up one morning and find themselves the size of ants. They go on a journey and encounter all sorts of difficulties because of their size. But Stella is stuck for ideas! What would create a challenge for our intrepid duo?

Under Your Feet activity card

Under Your Feet organiser card


Indoor MegaStar activity – Terrific Toothpaste
Here at Bright Smile Toothpaste Company, our scientists say that good toothpaste must:
✓ Remove plaque and stains quickly
✓ Have a pleasant smell for fresh breath
✓ Stay on the toothbrush
✓ Have an attractive colour
We need you to help make and test our latest recipe. How will you test the four different properties?

Terrific Toothpaste activity card

Terrfic Toothpaste organiser card


Outdoor MegaStar activity – Tree Trouble

In this activity children explore the life of trees and find out what difference it makes to animals and plants, and the community, if a tree is chopped down. This is the first activity from the Tree for Life MegaStar project.

Why not take part in some citizen science with the new OPAL Explore Nature tree health survey

Tree Trouble activity card

Tree Trouble organiser card