Hands-on science investigations for primary school children aged 5 - 11 years old


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Science investigations

CREST Star activities focus on hands-on investigation

Hands-on learning and fun

CREST Star activties are a great fun way to learn

Taking science outside

Many of the activities are perfect for the outdoor classroom

Engaging young learners

CREST Star engages children through real life context set in a story and supported by Concept Cartoons created by Millgate House Education with the input of teachers to ensure they are great resources

You don't have to be a scientist...

In fact, you don't even have to be a teacher! Full notes are provided as part of the resources including a list of everything you need to for the activity.

Encouraging independent learning

Children are encouraged to work independently of adults and come up with their own investigations

Exciting partnerships

You can work towards your your CREST Star awards with activities and workshops at some of the UK's most exciting science learning centres

More than just science...

CREST Star activties include investigations into other STEM subjects such as Design & Technology, and cross curricular links to Maths and English

Outdoors & Active

The goal of the CREST Star Outdoors & Active project is to enable the use of outdoor spaces for science learning at primary school level through creating tailored activities exploring the themes of nature and sport, and to support primary teachers in running science activities utilising the outdoor classroom. The activities also promote pupils' engagement with the natural world and encourage an interest in physical activity.

These activities have been funded through the Primary Science Teaching Trust.

"Outdoor Learning is an engaging, effective and enjoyable form of learning, whether the emphasis is personal, social or environmental, or is about learning itself. Outdoor Learning provides first hand experience for learning about our natural world. It is also a powerful medium for personal, organisational and cultural change. Many socially useful purposes are readily achieved through Outdoor Learning."
Institute for Outdoor Learning - Why Outdoor Learning Matters

Outdoors & Active activities 

There are three outdoor classroom activities at each award level. There are also three fantastic OPAL Nature funded outdoor activities available here, and two more in our Activities for home & holidays section. Each activity comes with an Activity card and an Organiser card; CREST Star members can also download additional resources for some of the activities.

Star activities
Plant Detectives, Speed Scooters, Starting Sounds

Download the Star activities here

SuperStar activties
Brilliant Birds, Discus Dilemma, Bumblebee Mystery

Download the SuperStar activities here

MegaStar project
You Can Do It! Bowled Over, Playground Games, Outdoor Gym

Download the MegaStar project here