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The Airkix 'Physics is Fun' teaching pack is CREST Star accredited. Airkix is the UK's premier indoor bodyflight experience. Bodyflight or bodyflying is a generic term for indoor skydiving usually associated with the use of a vertical wind tunnel.

Indoor skydivers use a wind tunnel to practice and improve their freefall, bodyflight, bodyflying, flying and skydiving skills and they will often practice in a wind tunnel before taking the new skills to the sky.

The art of freefall is all about having the ability to fly with other skydivers or bodyflyers relative to one another. There are a number of factors involved such as weight, build, body shape, jumpsuit and use of limbs. In the tunnel you can add wind speed to the equation.

Teaching forces, friction and air resistance can often be a bit of a drag. Airkix has launched ‘Physics is Fun’, an exhilarating, inspiring and truly hands on way for students to really experience the results of these concepts.

Working in conjunction with National Space Academy Physics education specialists based at the National Space Centre in Leicester, Airkix has developed a full forces based education package including resources to enhance the teaching and learning of these topics.

Physics is Fun (SuperStar)

Physics is Fun is a set of resources, which can be ordered for just £7.99 extra, to be implemented in the classroom to deliver lessons based on the topics of:

·         Forces
·         Friction
·         Air resistance
·         Speed, distance, time and acceleration
·         The meaning of gravity
·         Interpreting distance-time and speed-time graphs
·         Resultant vectors and components of forces

These resources draw on skydiving footage and interpretation of real skydiving data, along with the prospect of experiencing these forces for real in the vertical wind tunnel, to introduce and build on these topics allowing a real, comprehensive understanding.

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