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The Environmental Education Project & Rosliston Forestry Centre

The Environmental Education Project is based at Rosliston Forestry Centre, an exciting project in the heart of The National Forest, but also covers the district of South Derbyshire. Our aim is ‘To develop knowledge, understanding, respect for and involvement in The National Forest and the environment through enjoyable learning opportunities’. 

Our activities are designed to be FUN as well as educational… so we can all enjoy the environment as well as looking after it and learning more. We provide a mix and match programme which can be adapted to suit the curriculum needs of individual groups and we try to include one or more relevant games in most sessions in order to reinforce learning. Our activities also link to University of the First Age (UFA) principles, by appealing to a range of different learning styles. Sessions are geared towards primary school pupils, key stages 1 and 2, or Foundation Stage, but can be adapted to suit other groups. All sessions encourage co-operative group work, the development of observational and problem solving skills, and understanding the importance of health and safety.
How does your garden Grow? (Star)
Looking at the factors that determine whether a plant will grow successfully or not and identifies what plants need in order to grow. The session includes games, role play and a mini survey.
Preparing for Winter (SuperStar)
An autumn activity looking at how birds and animals prepare for the trials of winter.  Pupils look at the way in which nature provides a harvest of food for creatures to ‘stock up’ in anticipation of winter hardship, and how some cope by hibernation or migration. The main practical activity is making and testing a nest suitable for a hibernating creature such as a hedgehog.