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General Committee nominations

Two places must be filled by affiliate members. There are three nominations from the affiliate group. Please read their details below then place your vote for ONE affiliate member (on the next page). The two candidates with the most votes will be elected.

Professor Lorna Dawson (Affiliate)
Professor Lorna Dawson, scientist at James Hutton Institute; over 25 years’ experience in managing research. Advertising on Environmental Change within the Scottish Government’s strategic research, represents and develops the Programme’s impact within policy/towards economic growth. She contributes widely to university courses; has published over 60 papers. She is a trained expert witness, over 40 cases and has presented evidence in UK/overseas courts. She is a Chartered Soil Scientist, on council – the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists, developed resources for schools, has advised on ‘Countryfile’/’Silent Witness’, performs in debating events, examining the interface between science/fiction.

Ben Johnson (Affiliate)
I am Managing Director of Graphic Science Ltd, an independent consultancy specialising in Public Engagement with STEM.  I have been active in Public Engagement since 1993, and have been involved with the Association throughout that time. I have worked across the whole range of Public Engagement, from deliberative processes to media campaigns, and broadcast to community activism.  I have extensive experience of strategic development and professional development for Public Engagement, working with organisations, practitioners and the research community. I am particularly interested in the role that the BSA can play for the practitioner community, providing support, guidance, benchmarks and leadership.

Dr Patrick Middleton (Affiliate)
Patrick Middleton is Head of Engagement at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Patrick leads the BBSRC engagement team as it develops and delivers a broad range of public engagement and science communication activities targeted at a variety of audiences from young people and teachers to farmers and shoppers. Patrick also works with the science community to build capacity and capability to undertake thoughtful and meaningful two-way public engagement. He has a background in plant genetics.

The remaining six places are to be chosen from the remaining seven nominations who represent general members, sections and branches. Please read their details below and choose TWO to vote for. The six candidates with the most votes will be elected.

Joanne Green (Branches)
I work at the Commissioning Support Unit, Salford. I’ve been co-regulating the charity organisation Equity Housing Group as a Customer Panel member for two years meeting Regulatory Framework for Social Housing in England 2012. Since April 2012 I’ve been an active Committee member of a Community Group Sustainable Living in the Heatons organising participation and engagement activities reaching local people and traders to reduce their carbon footprints. I audit species in Fletcher Moss as a volunteer recorder with Greater Manchester Local Record Centre and am an IEMA and CIH members. My activities illustrate that I am good at scrutiny and enjoy benefitting beneficiaries.

Dr Charlotte Haigh (Branches)
I am the chairperson of the West Yorkshire branch of the British Science Association and an associate Professor in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds. I have been involved in public engagement of science every science I was PhD student and thoroughly enjoy inspiring others about the important impact science has in society. It is important that the public have access to relevant information about science. These are some of the reasons why I think I should be re-elected onto General Committee and how I could contribute to the strategic direction of the British Science Association.

Sarah Chick (Members)
I have been appointed as Assistant Principle at Kimberley STEM Sixth-Form College, opening this September. Our vision includes the determination to improve the quality and number of students progressing into STEM related disciplines. As such we are working with a number of employers and universities, eg: University of Cambridge and Lockheed Martin.As a Marine Biologist I have worked in Aquaculture and EIA. I am leading in Science at the college and would be interested to sit on the committee to advise in an educational capacity and be at the cutting edge of sharing new developments on a wider scale.

Dr Nigel Eady (Members)
By day, Nigel manages the Mentoring and Career Development Programme run by the Academy of Medical Sciences. This incorporates the Academy’s acclaimed one-to-one mentoring provision, providing postdoctoral researchers with a mentor from the Academy’s Fellowship. It also includes a range of events and activities to support early career researchers. Before the Academy, Nigel spent 5 years in the Science in Society team at the British Science Association. When not at work, Nigel runs a community project for families and young children in Fulham. Nigel has a PhD in biochemistry, two small children, one wife and no pets!

Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker (Sections)
Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker is currently the Recorder for the history of Science Section and works as deputy Director at the Centre for Social Relations at Coventry University. Her research interests include the cultural context of science communication; trust in science and technology; and Evolutionary theory and belief. Prior to her current role she worked for the British Council as Head of the Darwin Now project running international Darwin anniversary celebrations in 50 countries worldwide. She also serves on the AHRC ‘Science in Culture’ Advisory board and the programmes committee for the British Society for the History of Science.

Dr David Shankland (Sections)
David Shankland is Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute, and Reader in Anthropology at the University of Bristol. He has been President and Recorder of the Anthropology and Archaeology Section (H), and is currently one of its Vice-Presidents. A specialist in modern Turkey, he is a social anthropologist by training, having gained his undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh, and his doctorate from the University of Cambridge. The author of many scholarly papers, and several monographs on Turkey, he is currently preparing a history of anthropology in Britain between the two wars.

Susanne Watt (Sections)
I would like to join the British Science Association actively and try to implement the scientific policy not only in Asia but also the rest of the world. I have already actively lead various organisations. Thank you for giving me the chance to join the British Science Association. I hope to be elected as a member. I will try to give a new mile stone of the Association with your help and all the members of British Science Association.

*voting is now closed*