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May 2014: Pilot Project for a nationwide branch event

Nationwide branch event

The project: A nationwide programme of branch events, taking place in May 2014 and united by a common theme

The theme: The year 2014 will be the European year of the brain and to celebrate this, we’re asking branches to organise events and activities in May that relate in some way to the brain.

How to get involved: Participating is easy! Simply organise a brain themed event in May 2014, and register this event on our website.

Matched Funding: To support branches organising events as part of the Association’s nationwide event, we have established a dedicated matched funding pot. Branches can apply for matched funding even if they do not take part in the additional competition for cash prizes.

Matched funding criteria (nationwide event stream)

 Match funding application form (nationwidevent stream)

Competition: You can also enter your event into our competition to win cash prizes for your branch (£350 for the first prize and £150 for the runner up). Simply send us audio/visuals of your event, accompanied by a short summary as explained in the application form. Full competition criteria are available in the toolkit below.  

For more details about this project, information about how to take part and the competition criteria, download our toolkit:

National Branch Event toolkit (pdf)

Register your event

When you're ready, you can register your brain themed branch event and (if you wish to do so) also enter our additional competition for cash prizes. By doing so, your event will appear on our special map and directory on the website, and will be promoted by Head Office.

Click here to register your event.

Please feel free to send us photos of your event and quotes even if you don't take part in the additional competition as we would love to publish them on our website to celebrate you and inspire others...and don't forget to propose new ideas for next year's theme! 

How we can help

This is your event, and it is aimed at celebrating all of our volunteers nationwide. If successful, this will become our very own yearly flagship event but we need your help to make sure this pilot project is successful. We are here to assist you, so please contact us if you need any tips and advice on:

  • How to register your event
  • How to enter the competition
  • Promoting the event in the local media (press releases, etc.)
  • Audience (download below) and organiser evaluation forms
  • Researching and/or creating links with other local organisations
  • Fundraising ideas, toolkit or information about potential donors
  • How to turn your traditional event (such as Scibars and Café Scientifique) into a brain themed event or organise a completely new event
  • Additional material and risk assessment forms
  • How to use your NSEW event to launch your brain event

And much more!

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this new challenge and we are sure that you will help us come up with a successful project! For further information, please email regions@britishscienceassociation.org  or the Regional Fundraising and Support Officer Giulia De Matteis


Audience Feedback Form

 Nationwide event press release template