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Dunbar SciFest 2012

Dunbar SciFest 2012 was organised by the Science sub-group of Dunbar Primary School’s Parent Council.

Gastronaut meets astronaut

Space food for an adventurous future. NSEW press launch 2012 with Helen Sharman, Brian Ratcliffe and Robin Fegen.

DayGlo - Y Touring theatre company

A new play about punks, personalised medicine, cancer and genetic testing.

Reading Science Week 2012

Get hands-on with science in the high street with lots of fizzing, whizzing, banging and clanging.

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Musical moods

musical moods

This pack is about music technology and was developed to accompany the Musical Moods mass participation project for National Science & Engineering Week 2011 which aimed to find a new way of classifying online content based on mood.

Activities in this pack are linked to the British Science Association’s CREST Awards scheme at Bronze and Silver level; however they can be done independently of this scheme.

Any one of the activities can be carried out on a stand-alone basis, for use in part of a session. If more time is available, organisers might select a set of activities, based on materials and equipment to hand.

4 activities (CREST Bronze) are designed for 11–14 year olds, a further 4 activities (CREST Silver) are designed for 14–16 year olds. Organisers will need to consider the ability range of their particular students. Most of the activities require the use of a science laboratory and its equipment. Includes possible extensions for CREST Award projects and teacher's/background notes.


Welsh : Naws Cerddorol, the Welsh version of this pack, is now available to download. This has a Welsh student section backed up by English organiser notes.