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our world in motion: theme 2012

Our world is constantly in motion, from the groun beneath our feet to the clouds above our heads - everything around us moves.

Communication: theme 2011

From mobile phones to satellite technology to how animals communicate in the wild, communication is all around.

What on Earth is going on: theme 2010

Take on the role of weather scientists, engineers, farmers and botanists and undertake investigations on Earth's amazing properties.

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NSEW certificates, logos and posters

To help you give your promotional materials look the best they can we have made the National Science & Engineering Week 2014 logo available to download for free, in both English and Welsh.

  • Posters 2014

NSEW Posters A2 - Empty space for events

NSEW Posters A2 - Full

  • Origami flyer 2014

NSEW Origami flyer - A4

NSEW Origami flyer - Postcard size 

NSEW Customisable Origami - A4

NSEW Customisable Origami - Postcard size 

  • Sticker template

NSEW Stickers 2014

  • English logos 2014

NSEW Logos 2014

NSEW Logos no date

British Science Association Logo no date

  • Welsh/English logos 2014

NSEW Logo bilingual

  •  And don't forget to read the do's and dont's

NSEW Logo branding guide


Present attendees and pupils with one of our smart NSEW certificates at your own science and engineering week celebrations.

Attendee Certificate 2014