Welsh government funding means CREST awards are currently free in Wales, and to celebrate, we have just launched a brand new resource.

Sustainable Solutions is a new CREST Discovery activity that challenges students to work as a team to create a start-up business tackling the issues of climate change in their community, through the creation of an app, an invention or a communications campaign.

The resources below provides teachers with a step-by-step guide to running a Discovery Day and is suitable to run with one class, a science club, or with a whole year group.

Get started today!

You can download all the teacher and student documents from the Sustainable Solutions resource, below. Resources are bilingual and available in both English and Welsh.

  1. Sustainable Solutions main presentation (English / Cymraeg)

  2. Student workshop packages apps (English / Cymraeg), inventions (English / Cymraeg) and communication campaigns (English / Cymraeg)

  3. Student work booklet (English / Cymraeg)

  4. Team briefing (English / Cymraeg)

  5. Timeline challenge activity (English / Cymraeg)

  6. Teacher’s guide (English / Cymraeg)