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Free CREST Star activities

These activities are free to download having been created in partnership with other organisations who support the CREST Star scheme in the promotion of science, technology, engineering, and maths at primary school level. You can find out more about CREST Star activities and how to use the resources here.


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Download the free materials



Star activity – Discovery Bag (OPAL)

This activity gets children interested in trees and the that they trees support, and begin to be aware of the differences between trees. For this activity you will need to collect leaves and other tree parts for the children to investigate, and a magnifying glass to study them. You can also download a free tree identification guide from the OPAL website.

Discovery Bag activity card

Discovery Bag organiser card


Superstar activity – Spinning Solutions (URENCO)

CREST Star sponsor URENCO launch a superstar activity with a twist; or perhaps a squeeze! ‘Spinning Solutions’ is all about using the principles of separation to distinguish between methods of drying clothes. The challenge is to find the best way to separate water from laundry. Students make and compare working models of an old fashioned mangle and a modern washing machine drum.

Spinning Solutions Activity Card

Spinning Solutions Organisers Card


SuperStar activity – Windy Way(OPAL)

Have you ever tracked the wind? Use bubbles to follow the gusts and find out which way the wind blows. For this activity you will need a compass, a timer, measuring tape, and of course bubbles!

Windy Ways activity card

Windy Ways organiser card


SuperStar activity - Polymer Problem (Horners)

The scientists at Horners use special substances called polymers to create great new product but now they have run out of ideas... Can you design a great new product using one of their polymers? You can even submit your ideas to be showcased on their Fantastic Plastic website!

Polymer Problem activity card

Polymer Problem organiser card


MegaStar activity– Tree Trouble (OPAL)

Children get the chance to identify the importance of trees and their biodiversity, carry out a survey, make decisions about how to choose a tree for a particular purpose, and use the internet for research. For this activity the children will need a magnifying glass, binoculars, a net, a bug box, and the OPAL Nature free tree identification guide. This is one of three activities that form the MegaStar Tree for Life project.

Why not get involved in citizen science by taking part in the OPAL Tree Health Survey and help protect our trees.

Tree Trouble activity card

Tree Trouble organiser card



SuperStar activity– Yummy Yoghurt (Practical Action)

Yoghurt making is the theme of the latest CREST Star investigation produced in association with Practical Action. In this fun new activity pupils find out how farmers in Bangladesh can earn money for their family by turning milk into yoghurt. They then make a range of different flavoured yoghurts using a variety of different types of milk and fruit. Students also get the opportunity to find out more about schools in Bangladesh and the types of food that families eat there.

Yummy Yoghurt Activity Card

Yummy Yoghurt Organiser Card




SuperStar activity - Protecting Polymers (Hormers)


The Worshipful Company of Horners are back with another CREST Star Primary age student polymer activity. This time ‘Dr. Polly Mur’ needs your help to solve a lunch time wrapping problem.

Protecting Polymers Activity Card

Protecting Polymers Organiser Card


CREST star activities in Welsh

Below are some free samples of our recent Welsh translations of CREST Star activities. 25 others are now available in our member’s area. To become a member please register here.These new resources have been developed as part of the Welsh Government’s funding and support for CREST in Wales through the National Science Academy in Wales.

Star activity - Byddwch amlwg, byddwch ddiogel   

Be Safe Be seen! Road safely and material science come together in this real world activity that students can recognise from their own lives. Students learn how to recognise a good reflector rather than materials that emit light of their own and learn about road safety in the dark. Students must find out if Gem and Cosmic, our CREST Star characters, can find something to wear that will help them to be better seen in the dark.

Byddwch amlwg, byddwch ddiogel-GWEITHGAREDD

Byddwch amlwg, byddwch ddiogel-TREFNYDD


Megastar activity - Coeden am Oes (OPAL)

Tree for life! Which trees should a local government greening initiative plant for their new ‘green space’? In this project students will research and survey to find out lots about trees and the life that trees support. The activity links to the work of the The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) project. You can find out more at


Coeden am Oes–GWEITHGAREDD 1

Coeden am Oes–GWEITHGAREDD 2

Coeden am Oes–GWEITHGAREDD 3

Coeden am Oes - TREFNYDD

Coeden am Oes – TROSOLWG


More support materials can be found on our partners'/sponsors' websites.

Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) OPAL's Explore Nature programme gets children exploring and enjoying the natural world around them.

Worshipful Company of Horners This activity introduces children to the world of polymers, and their uses.

Practical Action Practical Action uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.