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Science investigations

CREST Star activities focus on hands-on investigation

Hands-on learning and fun

CREST Star activties are a great fun way to learn

Taking science outside

Many of the activities are perfect for the outdoor classroom

Engaging young learners

CREST Star engages children through real life context set in a story and supported by Concept Cartoons created by Millgate House Education with the input of teachers to ensure they are great resources

You don't have to be a scientist...

In fact, you don't even have to be a teacher! Full notes are provided as part of the resources including a list of everything you need to for the activity.

Encouraging independent learning

Children are encouraged to work independently of adults and come up with their own investigations

Exciting partnerships

You can work towards your your CREST Star awards with activities and workshops at some of the UK's most exciting science learning centres

More than just science...

CREST Star activties include investigations into other STEM subjects such as Design & Technology, and cross curricular links to Maths and English

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Turn textiles into science kit with Science into Schools



What is ‘Science into Schools'?

It’s an exciting new campaign which combines environmental education about waste and climate science with a way to give schools free CREST Star membership and science kit.

We’re happy to be involved as it provides schools greater accessibility to engaging learning tools and resources to enhance science teaching, and all in exchange for recycling. Our hope is that Science into Schools will divert waste from landfill, help schools embed sustainability into the fabric of school life and provide more opportunities for children to participate in science and engineering. 

Why take part?

Because it’s a great opportunity that costs nothing! The programme is free to join, and in exchange for unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles you can get a CREST Star membership or science kit without having to find the budget. Sign up now to be ready for the new CREST Star online membership serivce in April 2013!

How does it work?

  1. Schools sign up to Science into Schools.
  2. The school then books a collection date.
  3. Students, parents, teachers, other school employees, and their local community are encouraged to donate unwanted textiles for recycling.
  4. The textiles are collected and weighed.
  5. The school then receives points for the recycled textiles that can be exchanged online for either CREST Star membership or science resources from Mindsets.

Who’s involved?

The British Science Association has teamed up with EDF Energy’s education programme the Pod and Wastebuster.

About the Pod

Launched in September 2008, the Pod is EDF Energy’s environmental education programme. It was developed to help the company meet its sustainability commitment of engaging with 2.5 million children by 2012 in learning about the sustainable use of energy – this target was met two years ahead of schedule at the end of 2010. The Pod now has over 16,500 registered schools and has already engaged with over 9 million children. The programme has three main aims to:

  1. inspire young people and their families to choose a more sustainable lifestyle
  2. understand that a low carbon, secure and affordable energy supply is vital for the future
  3. promote STEM in schools and encourage science and engineering as a career choice

http://www.jointhepod.orgis an interactive website for teachers, providing free lesson plans, practical activities, assemblies, games and information all with cross curricular links. The content is currently aimed at 4 – 14 year olds and covers the topics of energy, waste. Water, transport, biodiversity and climate science.

About Wastebuster

Wastebuster is designed to encourage children to minimise waste and carry their learning out of the classroom and into the home, the community and the wider world. The programme offers a video rich, multimedia teaching resource with cross-curricular films, practical activities and resources to make wastebusting an exciting part of the curriculum. 

Wastebuster resources and child-led schemes of work can also be used to creatively engage children in waste reduction and recycling, to kick start environmental activities or to support work towards all levels of Eco-Schools accreditation. This means that by joining Busta and Pong on their waste busting mission you can help your school wave the Bronze, Silver and even Green Eco-Schools Flags.  

Wastebuster have teamed up with WRAP to support their RecycleNow campaign. The Wastebuster characters Busta and Pong feature in WRAP's RecycleNow Schools campaign and front WRAP's online resources for primary schools. 

If you'd like to find more about how Wastebuster can help develop a whole school approach to reducing waste in your school visit:

Wastebuster and the Pod

Wastebuster are excited to be working with the Pod because of the opportunities it gives us to share Busta and Pong's adventures in waste and explore the practical ways in which children and schools might reduce energy waste.