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The Dating Games Mk2!

That’s right! It’s back! After the massive success of Science London's first Dating Games in July we were inundated with emails asking us when the next one was. We wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Especially when you look so nice today, so, on Thursday October 18th Science London will hosting ‘The Dating Games – Science of Compatibility – Mark Two’! The format will be remaining pretty much the same (few tweaks) so some of you will know the drill already but for those of you that do not; here is a low down for the evening plans…

Science London is seeking 20 guys and 20 girls who are straight, single and aged between 20-34 to come and participate in our speed dating experiment. So if you are open-minded, up for a laugh, looking for someone special and curious to learn about the science behind the dating game then this is the event for you!

Introduction When you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of the cheerful Science London crew and handed a drink to help calm any nerves (we’re so good to you). Once everyone has arrived we’ll be breaking the ice with a short burst of humour from the love guru that is Dr Steve Cross (co-creator of Science Showoff and Bright Club). What he doesn’t know about dating isn’t worth knowing!

Method You’ll now find yourself in a room full of potential romance. The air will be thick with pheromones and an eagerness to impress… so naturally for the first round of dates we will be plunging you all into complete darkness and giving you 3 minutes to talk to all of your possible soul mates with no idea what they look like. Accents are sexy right? Then, we’ll turn on the lights and let you grab a drink before we plough ahead with round two where you will be able to look at each of your prospective love matches but with no talking allowed. It’s all in the eye contact. After you have ogled and chatted to everyone you’ll be given the chance to select your favourites from the dark and light before our behind-the-scene experts whisk away your scorecards and examine the data.

Discussion Whilst we are crunching the numbers you’ll be given the opportunity to quiz Dr. Simon Watt, an evolutionary biologist who knows all about what it is that attracts animals to one another. We ain’t nothing but mammals after all…

Results The Science London data team will then report back to announce any successful matches. Should we find a couple (or couples) who have been attracted to each other’s dark conversation and light looks we will foot the bill for their first date.

Conclusion Will this novel dating approach help us to find true love? Honestly, we do not know. We got a few matches at the first games in July… either way we can have a lot of fun finding out together

Click here to book a ticket

When you purchase a ticket to this event you will be asked to complete a short personality profile and submit a headshot of yourself. This information is needed before the date night so please be sure to send it to us by 12 October

Also please note that when you sign up to this event you will also be participating in a real experiment into the science of dating. There will be journalists at this event who may wish to talk to you about your experience; you will have the option to share your information or decline.