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Sentimentality, sci-democracy and science

Ollie Christophers

The CREST Awards is turning 25!

And we’re getting a bit sentimental about the thousands of students who’ve received a CREST Award over the years. In fact, we’re trying to find award winners from every year of CREST’s existence to help celebrate its birthday.

If you have a CREST Award, join our CREST Alumni Network and connect with your CREST roots, hear inspirational stories from students attending national and international events – and from alumni who have since gone on to have outstanding careers. We also let you know of other competitions, funding sources and opportunities available through the British Science Association and our other partners that may be of interest.

It’s free to join the CREST Alumni Network (and quick and simple). Visit to sign-up.

SciDemocracy – the future of dialogue?



The Science in Society team has completed a pilot project that could make it easier to deliver public opinion straight to the heart of government.

‘SciDemocracy’ harvests the wealth of debate that arises from the hundreds of café scientifiques, skeptics in the pub, lectures, science festivals and workshops nationwide.

In partnership with Sciencewise and Dialogue by Design, views about science, technology and the future of humankind have been collected from audiences at the North East and Midlands Branches, the Cambridge Science Festival and the Royal Institution. By sending these on, we hope to deliver an accurate snapshot of public opinion straight to policy-makers quickly, easily and cheaply.

Discover the British Science Festival

For a whole week in September, people from Bradford, the region, the UK and beyond will come together to celebrate the achievements of science, engineering and technology; to question top researchers about their work, explore ethical concerns, and to enjoy a host of interactive activities with the whole family.

The British Science Festival offers a unique chance for residents and visitors to Bradford to question over 300 of the UK’s best scientists about what they are doing and why.

Explore the latest scientific crime-busting techniques or debate the ethics of using human or animal tissue in medical research. Does Nature really provide all we need for our health and hygiene? What have scientists recently discovered about the human brain? What can science tell us about who we are, where we have come from and where we might end up? Our free programme of talks, discussions and debates is sure to pique your interest and rouse your passion.

Winners of the National Science & Engineering competition 2011

Congratulations to Hannah Eastwood, who was named the UK Young Scientist of the Year, and Andrew Cowan, who was named the UK Young Engineer of the Year in this year’s National Science & Engineering Competition at The Big Bang: UK Scientists’ & Engineers’ Fair.

Hannah’s project explores how chromium can be removed from drinking water, in order to purify tap water and reclaim it for the steel industry where it is a valuable resource. 

Andrew’s project is a Search and Rescue Robot.  This low-cost project includes a camera and fire extinguisher which allows the user to control the robot and view environmental information from a remote control panel.

For more information, please visit

The Big Bang regional fairs

The 2011-12 round of the National Science & Engineering Competition has now opened. Big Bang Fairs are taking place in 11 locations throughout the UK between 21st June and 14th July 2011, and some lucky students will be selected to represent their region in the competition finals at The Big Bang in March 2012.

For more information, please visit

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Ollie Christophers
Ollie Christophers is the Communications Officer at the British Science Association
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