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Recycling appeal for the British Science Association - Donate to your Branch and help the environment!

 We are happy to announce that the British Science Association has recently teamed up with Rethink Recycling Appeal. The company collects old mobile phones, unused printer cartridges (toners and inkjets from nearly all mainstream brands on the market) , CDs/DVDs CDs/DVDs (in original packaging), Laptops and other electronic devices for reuse and recycling, allowing you to turn your waste into donations for your Branch! The British Science Association recognises the importance of reducing its environmental footprint and will take steps to make its office and business both sustainable and ethical. By supporting our recycling appeal, you will help raise funds for our Branches and will you also make a valuable contribution to the Association’s environmental policy. Please click here to find out more about the company's waste licences.

Donating is very easy and completely free! All you need to do is click here and scroll down to select the British Science Association appeal and then click on Donate now to request a collection. The company will send you free postage envelopes for you to send back or arrange a free courier collection if you collect a minimum of 10 items. Please always check on their website what items you can send. If in doubt, please contact their friendly and helpful staff.

There are two ways for you to donate

1)     If you collect at least ten items at the time, you will be able to request free courier collections. This will enable us to identify your postcode and link it to your local Branch, therefore giving you the opportunity to donate to a specific Branch…so please get in touch with other fellow supporters to join forces and collect your recyclable goods! You can even collect during events or Branch meetings.

2)     You can request free postage envelopes to send back to Rethink Recycling Appeal if you are unable to collect at least ten items. The funds raised will go into a general pot which will be equally redistributed to all Branches as this option doesn’t allow us to match postcodes with individual Branches…but it would be the ideal solution if you want to support more than one Branch! Click here to get a free post label.

If you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Regional Engagement Officer, Sabah Adams.

Thank you for helping us support our Branches and reach our environmental goals! Click here to find some more interesting facts about recycling.

...and you can now buy high quality recycled cartridges at a very competitive price and help your branch!

Recycling Appeal can also now offer remanufactured cartridges at a fraction of the cost you would usually pay. Not only will you save money but you'll raise a £1 donation to charity for every cartridge purchased!

Simply enter the name of your chosen charity into the charity box when you have placed your order and Recycling Appeal will do the rest! They'll provide regular updates on how much they have raised through the recycling of your cartridges and the purchase of new ones. They guarantee that you won't notice any difference between their cartridges and an original cartridge and they offer a full money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied!

To see their full range of products and place an order click here.