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Science education sponsorship


CREST Awards is our flagship programme for young people. It is the only nationally recognised UK accreditation scheme for project work in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Our current CREST Supporters:






Why sponsor CREST?

CREST rewards 5-19 year olds for their achievements in STEM project work. At the highest level a CREST project can involve up to 100 hours of research, and is mentored by a working scientist, engineer or expert in a given field. CREST has two strands: at secondary level CREST Awards in Bronze, Silver and Gold are offered; and at primary level our CREST Star Investigators can progress through levels of Star, Superstar and Megastar, to become a Young Science Ambassador. Each year, over 30,000 secondary students undertake a CREST Award while over 75,000 children participate in CREST Star activities at primary level.

The CREST Award scheme can form the basis or become an integral part of of any STEM education programme for your company, providing opportunity for staff involvement and dialogue with leading figures to help inform you about best practice. Over 70% of the entries for the National Science + Engineering Competition are CREST projects; it is a science education scheme that really works.

“High quality work experience placements play an important role in inspiring students in our local communities. The CREST Awards provide valuable accreditation of these placements in a way that continues to add value to the experience of the young person long after they have completed their placement at BP.”

– Ian Duffy, Manager of UK Education Programme, BP

For more information on sponsoring the CREST Awards, please contact Aoine Saunders: Aoine.Saunders@britishscienceassociation.org