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Strictly Engineering

Engineers from across the UK were challenged to turn their work into an exciting, eye-catching poster with the support of graphic designers and public engagement specialists.

The aims of Strictly Engineering were to spark conversation about the implications of engineering in our everyday lives, challenge stereotypes around engineering and draw attention to the world-class engineering going on in the UK.

Project outcomes


What Strictly Engineering participants have said

The engineers experience

I gained a lot more confidence in what to do and how to do it when going about public engagement with my research, because before it has been very hard to see how to make it accessible in a way I would be comfortable doing.


Overall, I felt that I gained significant knowledge in methods to convey my research activities to the general public, and the best methods to generate interest in my work. I developed skills in communication and expanded my view of public update ding of science.


The engineers advice to colleagues

Don’t be scared to do something completely difference to what you normally would.

Just do it- you might be surprised to see the impact it has your own work, and your perspective.


A graphic designer perspective

It was great to meet the people behind the term 'engineering'. It's such a wide field, but really brought to life by talking to the people who work in it. I find it exciting that there is a move to make them realise the value to society of what they do and communicate it more widely. Small steps, but important ones. 

 Manchester workshop graphic designer


Strictly Engineering was funded by a Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious award.


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