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Strategic Branch Grant guidelines

Branch Strategic Grants

Application criteria and instructions

To apply for a grant, please read the following information and apply using the online application form.

The total fund available is £2000. Eligible Branches are permitted to apply for up to £250.

The criteria below reflect the broad objectives of the Regions and Branches programme. Branches should meet the essential criteria and conditions of the grant. Applications that meet both essential and desirable criteria will be especially favoured.

Branches in receipt of start-up funds are eligible to apply but need to provide extra information on their application detailing why they need additional funds.

Grant Criteria

(E) Essential
(D) Desirable

Eligibility criteria

  1. Branches over a year old must have submitted four consecutive quarterly reports in the run-up to the application. New Branches must have submitted at least one quarterly report. (E)
  2. Branches with balances over £3000 will only be eligible to apply if they can demonstrate that existing branch funds have been allocated to prior/future activity costs.
  3. Branches need to provide a budget breakdown of where these costs are allocated and when they will be used.
  4. Branches in receipt of start-up funds are eligible to apply but need to provide extra information on their application detailing why they need additional funds.

Application criteria

  • Applications should demonstrate how events will support the British Science Association’s two main aims:
    • To promote open and informed discussion about science and its place in society (E)


    • To affirm science as a prime cultural force by engaging and inspiring adults and young people directly with science and technology, and their implications (E).

In addition, applications should highlight how planned events and activities support the following priorities:

  • To promote open discussion on science and society issues (E)
  • To provide opportunities for involvement in scientific activities (E)
  • To increase membership of the British Science Association (D)
  • To broaden audience diversity (E)
  • To ensure the British Science Association is the ‘partner organisation of choice’ (E)
  • To increase fundraising opportunities (D)
  • To increase event diversity within branch programmes (D)
  • To develop a year-round legacy to National Science & Engineering Week (D)

What kind of activity costs can be funded through these grants?

The following will be funded:

  • reasonable and modest speaker expenses (alcohol is not permitted as an expense claim)
  • regular administrative costs of maintaining a Branch event programme: postage, photocopying, printing, travel, venue and equipment hire
  • Special project costs specific transport, printing, publicity, catering etc.
  • In certain circumstances, funds may be awarded to a branch to provide expenses or pay someone to undertake a particular project/administrative task.

The following will not be funded:

  • Events and activities exclusively for a school audience (under 16s) without any parental or family involvement.

Next deadlines:

Applications close on 1st July 2014
Decisions will be made within 2 – 3 weeks of the closing date.

How should my Branch apply?

Applications can be made through the online form:


Please notify the Regional Engagement Officer if you plan on applying for this grant.