Over 250 researchers have taken part in the Media Fellowship scheme since 1987.

"What sort of crazy, half-baked scheme takes scientists with no training in journalism from the laboratory bench and plops them in the middle of the most respected newsrooms in the world? A surprisingly successful one, apparently. The Media Fellowship scheme gave me the chance to write science articles for the Financial Times and gain insight into how UK media organisations approach science news." Tyler Shendruk, Financial Times

Hannah Devlin, Science Editor of The Times (and Media Fellow in 2006) hosted Dr Vicky Forster, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research:

“I host a Media Fellow each year and find the experience rewarding, useful and fun. This year Vicky Forster worked incredibly hard, producing many high quality articles that were published in the paper and online. This included an exclusive story, linked to her own work (Leukaemia), that she researched independently. I value working alongside a scientist and getting an insight into the most pressing issues in their field. I am sure that Vicky, and others who take the scheme, will go away with the confidence and desire to work proactively with the media in future.

“From a personal perspective, I am a huge supporter of the BSA’s Media Fellowship scheme. It was during the Fellowship that I got my first experience of professional journalism, at The Times, and I have no doubt that this opportunity, the portfolio of work I produced and the contacts I made, paved the way for a career in journalism.”

The 2015 Media Fellows

  • Susanna Jolly,  University of Sheffield, is placed with the BBC Radio Science Unit, funded by the University of Sheffield.
  • Dr Philip Oldfield, University of Nottingham, is placed with The Guardian, funded by the University of Nottingham.
  • Dr Martha Finnegan, Research Registrar at St Patrick’s University Hospital is placed with The Irish Times funded by Science Foundation Ireland.
  • Dr Sarah Bell, University College London, is placed with Londonist, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Yasmin Ali, E.On Exploration and Production is placed with BBC Radio Science Unit, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Dr Susan Skelton Spesyvtseva, University of St. Andrews, is placed with BBC Scotland, funded by STFC.
  • Dr Anastasia Christakou, University of Reading is placed with Nature News, funded by BBSRC
  • Dr Rachel Isba, Emergency Department, North Manchester General Hospital, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and Lancaster Medical School, Lancaster University, is placed with BBC Breakfast, funded by the Wellcome Trust
  • Dr Lucy Potter, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust is placed with Mirror Online funded by the Wellcome Trust.
  • Dr Jon Henderson, University of Nottingham, is placed with the Times, funded by the University of Nottingham.
  • Dr Jo Barstow, University of Oxford, is placed with The Conversation, funded by STFC.

Previous years' Fellows