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Ways for researchers to get more involved in science communication

If you're currently working in academic research, or in industry - there are a wide variety of ways to get more involved in science communication through the British Science Association.

The British Science Association's Science in Society team run a series of workshops throughout the year, developing skills and providing advice for researchers who want to learn more about how to communicate their work. They have also run schemes such as Engineers: Engage!, a free scheme which provides training and mentoring from experienced science communicators to develop activities that engage non-specialist audiences. You can find out more about these workshops, and different training opportunities by looking at the different ways you can work with us.

Each year a number of places are offered on our Media Fellowships scheme - which aim to bridge the communication gap between scientists and journalists. Researchers undertake a placement with a media host (previous hosts include the Guardian, BBC, Nature, New Scientist and the Times, amongst others), learning more about how science journalists turn academic research into engaging stories in the mainstream media. There are also a range of resources to find out more about how to work with the media, which include advice and training opportunities.

We have a range of online resources to get you started in public engagement, which give guidance on things like writing,poster design, infographics and data visualisation, to help you communicate research.

Every year hundreds of scientists communicate their work through events at the British Science Festival. This September the Festival will be coming to Birmingham - you can find out more about getting involved on the Festival section of the website.

If you can't make it to Birmingham, the Association's National Science & Engineering Week also sees thousands of public engagement events run throughout the year, each March. Information on how to get involved, as well as guides on how to plan, publicise and fund your event, can be found here.  

For those interested in being involved, but not sure about running your own event, you can find out more, and get some experience by getting involved with your local branch of the British Science Association, who run events throughout the year. 

There are also various ways to get involved in the British Science Association’s Young People’s Programme throughout the year. Over 100 scientists, engineers and STEM professionals volunteer to judge for the National Science + Engineering Competition.

STEM professionals can also get involved in mentoring young people undertaking CREST projects in science and maths subjects, and offer guidance and advice on how to get started.

We're always interested to hear from researchers with quirky specialities who might be interested in being involved in press conferences, feature piece writing, or other media requests that come through the Association. Get in touch if you'd be interested in working with us in this way. 

There are a number of other organisations who may provide opportunities to get involved in science communication: