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Dunbar SciFest 2012

Dunbar SciFest 2012 was organised by the Science sub-group of Dunbar Primary School’s Parent Council.

Gastronaut meets astronaut

Space food for an adventurous future. NSEW press launch 2012 with Helen Sharman, Brian Ratcliffe and Robin Fegen.

DayGlo - Y Touring theatre company

A new play about punks, personalised medicine, cancer and genetic testing.

Reading Science Week 2012

Get hands-on with science in the high street with lots of fizzing, whizzing, banging and clanging.

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NSEW Grant Scheme for Wales

Welsh grant applications for NSEW 2015 will open in mid-September 2014


The NSEW grant scheme for Wales, funded by the Welsh Government, is designed to help Welsh schools and organisations get their own National Science & Engineering Week celebrations off the ground.

We will provide funding of £200 for schools and up to £350 for organisations to help run an event or activity during NSEW.

All you need is an idea for an event or activity to run during the Week. For ideas and inspiration with activity ideas, click here for our how-to-guides and more.

How to Apply

Applying is quick and easy via our online form!

Before applying please read the application guidelines carefully, which contain our selection criteria and details about what we can and cannot fund. You can also download a copy of the application questions to help you draft your answers, before completing the online application form.

Please note: To download these documents, you will need to be logged in to our website.

Online applications will open in late fall 2014 for NSEW 2015.


Welsh Grant_Application questions.doc

Grant application guideline.pdf

Welsh Gov Logo.jpg

Contact information

If you have any queries, please contact the NSEW team:



Y cynllun

Nod cynllun grantiau Cymru Wythnos Genedlaethol Gwyddoniaeth a Pheirianneg (NSEW), a ariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru, yw helpu ysgolion a sefydliadau Cymru i drefnu digwyddiadau a gweithgareddau i ddathlu’r wythnos arbennig hon.

Byddwn yn darparu £200 i ysgolion a hyd at £350 i sefydliadau i’w helpu i gynnal digwyddiad neu weithgaredd yn ystod NSEW.

Yr unig beth sydd ei angen yw syniad am ddigwyddiad neu weithgaredd y gallwch ei gynnal yn ystod yr Wythnos. Am syniadau ac ysbrydoliaeth ar gyfer gweithgareddau, cliciwch yma i weld ein canllawiau a mwy.

Sut mae gwneud cais?

Gallwch wneud cais yn gyflym a hawdd drwy ein ffurflen ar-lein!

Cyn gwneud cais darllenwch y canllawiau ar wneud cais yn ofalus, sy’n cynnwys ein meini prawf ar gyfer dethol a manylion am yr hyn y gallwn ei ariannu a’r hyn na allwn ei ariannu. Gallwch lawrlwytho copi o gwestiynau’r cais hefyd i’ch helpu chi i lunio’ch atebion cyn llenwi’r ffurflen gais ar-lein. Noder: Bydd angen i chi fewngofnodi ar ein gwefan i lawrlwytho’r dogfennau hyn.

I wneud cais llenwch ein ffurflen gais ar-lein:

Canllawiau ar sut i wneud cais.pdf

cwestiynau cais.doc

Dyddiad dechrau derbyn ceisiadau: 21 Hydref 2013

Dyddiad cau ar gyfer ceisiadau: 5 Lonawr 2014 (hanner nos)

Mae cynllun grantiau Cymru Wythnos Genedlaethol Gwyddoniaeth a Pheirianneg yn cael ei ariannu gan Lywodraeth Cymru