This half day workshop will build upon the outcomes of the last Airworthiness & Maintenance Group conference which was entitled 'Outsourcing Aircraft Support = Abdicating the Airworthiness Accountability?' and took place in October 2014. This event explored accountability and responsibility for airworthiness in the context of sub-contracted services.

5 Issues were identified that affected airworthiness in the context of sub-contracted services:

- The Definition of Accountability
- Organisational Complexity
- Contracts and Agreements
- Approvals and oversight
- Evidence for Decision Making

This Group’s next workshop on 24 November 2015 will explore these identified issues further. The discussions that take place will be used to provide material for a Position Paper that will be released to help inform the development of Continuing Airworthiness Regulations.

To find out more and to register, please visit the Royal Aeronautical Society website.

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