Lava is a natural high-temperature liquid made from molten rocks that is powerful enough to dissolve anything that comes in contact with it. Is it possible to obtain the power of lava at room temperature? Could the energy of such a liquid be sustained and used productively? What would we use it for?

The answer is to design ionic liquids that can be tailored accordingly to various applications ranging from synthetic chemistry, catalysis, energy storage, environmental cleaning to pharmaceutical applications. Ionic liquids don’t evaporate and are stable to a wide range of temperatures, which makes them exotic materials that can even be carried to the moon. These liquids have a strong potential to influence the future of technology from electric cars and aeroplanes to capturing mercury and CO2 from the atmosphere.

Could ionic liquids save the planet? Come along and hear Dr. Geetha Srinivasan from Queen's University Belfast speak all about it!

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