Physics Professor Francis Keenan of Queen's University Belfast discusses the accuracy (or otherwise) of the science on science-fiction films and television. Clips from films and television programmes such as Star Trek and Stargate SG1 are used to illustrate where scriptwriters get things right, or more usually get things very wrong. This particular presentation focuses on weapons in science-fiction, from ray guns to space battles.

Expect an entertaining evening!

About Belfast Science Cafe

Belfast Science Cafe is run by the Belfast Branch of this British Science Association. We bring the latest science into a relaxed, informal environment.

The Belfast Science Cafe brings scientific debate to the pub. It is based on 'Cafe Scientifique', held all over the UK. The Cafe is a place where, with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, anyone can come to explore, debate and discuss the latest ideas in science and technology.

During a Cafe, a scientist is invited to talk on any scientific topic of their choice. The talk lasts for fifteen to thirty minutes; after which there is a small break for the audience to grab a pint and some food. There follows a session of questions and answers, or debate, where the speaker can be quizzed or challenged.

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