Dr Gerry Gormley, GP and medical educator at Queen’s University Belfast, joins Belfast Science Cafe to present:

"When right could be oh so wrong: The science behind right/left confusion in healthcare".

For some it may be surprising, whereas others will be reassured – distinguishing right from left can be difficult. Or at least it is for a substantial proportion of our population who find this basic, everyday decision-making process challenging.

On a day to day basis we make numerous right/left decisions and while heading off in the wrong direction during a car journey might not seem too serious, it’s a different story when we’re talking about industries like healthcare and aviation. Doctors are certainly not immune from making such errors, which can have serious and tragic consequences.

In this Science café talk, Dr Gerry Gormley will take us through the science of right/left confusion and why some individuals are more prone to making such errors, with a few live experiments! He will also explore in depth the issue of right/left discrimination as the issue applies to healthcare – including the worrying topic of wrong-sided surgery. Don’t worry though, he will also enlighten us as to how science is fighting back to help make patient care safe.

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