British Science Association's Cambridgeshire Branch's SciBar 'Biodiversity in Cambridge'


The biodiversity on your doorstep

Have you visited Cambridge’s local nature reserves? Discover these important areas with ecologist Guy Belcher, Biodiversity Officer at Cambridge City Council. Learn about habitat creation, swift towers, bat hotels, and find out how you can help to protect local biodiversity.

Volcano watch

Half a billion people live in the shadow of potentially dangerous volcanoes. Their safety depends on volcanologists monitoring the level of unrest of these volcanoes, but how do volcanologists interpret the signals, and how can they tell when eruptions are imminent? Find out with Dr Brendan McCormick from the University of Cambridge Department of Earth Sciences.

About the Cambridgeshire Branch

The Cambridgeshire branch seeks to achieve that by connecting science with people: promoting openness about science in society and affirming science as a prime cultural force through engaging and inspiring adults and young people directly with science and technology and their implications.

The Cambridgeshire branch of the British Science Association welcomes volunteers with any level of knowledge and enthusiasm for STEMM (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine) public engagement to join our outreach efforts. We run fun events to connect with people of all ages - use the links or watch the video below to find out more!

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