This month's SciBar event coincides with Cambridge Science Festival. It will feature talks from two speakers, both researchers trying to gain a better understanding of cancer.

Contagious cancer

Cancer is not usually thought of as a contagious disease. However, there are three known naturally occurring transmissible cancers that affect dogs, clams, and Tasmanian devils. Dr. Elizabeth Murchison from the University of Cambridge Department of Veterinary Medicine will reveal the genetics of these unusual cancers, and consider if such diseases could arise in humans.

Cell hijackers

Cancer is a disease caused by cells multiplying when they're not supposed to. But some cells in the body are supposed to multiply rapidly – the skin, for example, gets worn away by everyday life and depends on a set of very long-lived cells (tissue stem cells) to provide a constant supply of new skin cells. Could cancer be hijacking the processes that control tissue stem cells? Douglas Hall from the CRUK Cambridge Institute will explore this question, and discuss how research on this topic could lead to better cancer treatments.

The talks will be followed by Q&A.


Please note: This is a free event so booking is not essential, but ticket holders will be given priority if the venue reaches capacity. Late arriving ticket holders will not be guaranteed entry.

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