This month's SciBar features talks from two speakers working at the cutting edge of medical and technological research.

Mixing drugs

Cancer is a formidable disease as each cancer cell can behave differently – a drug may be effective against some cells while others are resistant to its effects. For this reason, multiple drugs are often used together. But what makes an effective drug combination? Siang Boon Koh from the University of Cambridge Department of Oncology will reveal how scientists find promising combinations of anti-cancer drugs in the laboratory, before testing them on humans.

Mind-controlled computers

Using the power of your mind to control a computer sounds supernatural, but it could become reality thanks to brain-computer interfaces. These devices allow people to communicate using only their brainwaves, and could be life-changing for patients with paralysis or locked-in syndrome. Joel Eaton from ARM will introduce brain-computer interface research, explain how brainwaves are harnessed and explore how this technology might be used in the future.

The talks will be followed by Q&A.


Please note: This is a free event so booking is not essential, but ticket holders will be given priority if the venue reaches capacity. Late arriving ticket holders will not be guaranteed entry.

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