Cafe Sci – We eat, sleep and breathe plants, so why are we blind to them? Dr Jonathan Mitchley, Professor of Field Botany, University of Reading

Dr. Mitchley’s talk will explore the topical issue of “plant blindness” amongst the human species and will be based on recent research from a range of sources as well as his own ideas and passion for plants for their intrinsic fascination and beauty.

Humans are becoming an urban species. Living in megalopolitan cities and increasingly divorced from nature. However, whilst animals seem to retain an inherent fascination to many, including young people, the same is not true for plants. ‘Plant blindness’ inhibits human perceptions of plants. Human-induced damage to plant biomes throughout the world and increased species extinction levels mean the world can no longer afford our citizens to see ‘nothing’ when they look at plants, the basis of most life on earth. It is crucial to motivate teaching and learning that can move beyond ‘plant blindness’ towards experiences in which teachers and learners “see, feel, touch and smell” the importance of plants for a sustainable world. This session will explore recent research which champions the use of a broad repertoire of stories, metaphors, analogies and models to makes it comprehensible to students and the general public. The aim is to create shifts away from plant-blindness towards reading the true importance and beauty and fascination of plants.

More information can be found on Jonathan’s website which will give you a feel for what he does at Reading and beyond.

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