Lecture and Bubble Workshops will be presented to secondary pupils during the afternoon. A public event in the evening will feature a demonstration of bubbles by Phip Noble [www.bubblestrings.com] followed by 4 short presentations on the use of bubbles in Industry, in Medicine, in Beverages and in Particle Physics. Speakers will be:

Industry: Dr Roger Hill on the use of bubbles in industrial processes such as ultrasonic cleaning;

Medicine: Dr Gerry McLachlan on bubbles in the airways and breathing problems in spina bifida patients;

Beverages: Prof. Sir Geoffrey Palmer on the importance and value of bubbles in beer and other beverages;

Alan Walker: on the use of bubbles to show the tracks of fundamental particles in cloud chambers and bubble chambers. The inventor of the cloud chamber – Dr C.T.R Wilson – was born near Penicuik.

Bubbles are fascinating in themselves and can be used to illustrate several aspects of physics. We have secured the services of Philip Noble from Inverness who is well known as a presenter of bubble workshops in an entertaining and inspiring way that will appeal to both adults and school pupils.

The four presentations on the use of bubbles in industry, medecine, beverages and particle physics will be presented to senior pupils earlier in the day, at a level appropriate to their physics courses.

Booking for this event has now closed.