Belfast Science Café is back with a bang, and a chuckle, as QUB School of Psychology’s Dr Gary McKeown discusses “The Evolution of Laughter: Social Bonding and the Empowerment of Fools” this April Fool’s Day, in the Black Box.

In this talk, Dr McKeown will discuss the evolutionary origins of one of our most important social signals. The roles laughter has had in the past, the variety of functions it now performs—beyond being a simple response to humour—and why it has persisted and retained a central role in human communication. The talk will also address how laughter is a powerful tool to undermine authority, and how we won't have convincing artificial intelligence until our machines can laugh along with us.

The talk kicks off at 6:30pm. Doors open, and free pizza slices are to be had, from 6pm. Entry, as always, is FREE.

Booking for this event has now closed.