Power up with sustainable energy. Help turn on the lights, power cars and toys with volunteers from the British Science Association, Cambridgeshire Branch. You will use alternative energy sources: solar, wind and biofuel. Come learn about solar panels, windmills, wind turbines and how fruits and vegetables can be used as biofuel to power lights!

Science behind fruit batteries…

Lemon PowerElectricity is characterised by the movement of charged particles such as electrons or ions. Fruit juice is a rich source of ions that can conduct electricity; a solution with such properties is termed an electrolyte.

When two metals with different chemical reactivities are immersed into the fruit juice, a chemical reaction will take place more readily with the more ’unstable’ metal. In the presence of an external circuit, these electrons will flow to the copper plate and generate a small current of sufficient power to light a small bulb.

Visit the Science Zone and learn how to build them yourself!

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