Organised by Living Well Oxford in partnership with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and the British Science Association, Oxfordshire Branch.

A genome is an entire set of DNA; all the instructions for making every part of a living thing.  Research into our genomes could improve our understanding of diseases, cancers and passing on certain traits.  The application of this research through genomic medicine is at the cutting edge of science.  There’s large potential for the technology to help us create new treatments and preventative approaches.

Someone’s genome can explain lots of things about them, and we don’t yet understand all of what the genetic code means.  Genome data is being collected from a group of patients with rare diseases and cancers across the UK, as part of the Genomics England 100,000 Genomes Project.  This information needs to be collected and stored securely, interpreted by experts and viewed in a way that protects the donor’s identity.  There have been discussions among scientists about the implications of genomic medicine for privacy and the NHS, and the British Science Association believes that it is vital to open that conversation up to the public.

Come and join our panel of scientists and other experts to discuss who should have access to this data.

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