Should we share our DNA information for the common good?

Should we be made to share it?

Our bodies hold a wealth of data. A single drop of blood could tell us a great deal about ​an individual,​ from ​their eye colour to their susceptibility ​to certain diseases. Having this data and knowledge is extremely valuable in uncovering new insights into health research, but what else could it be used for?

Join our panel of experts to share, discover and debate what it's like to have your genome sequenced, how it is we obtain information from the human genome and what should be done to maintain its safety and privacy.  

Chaired by prolific science writer Dr. Suzi Gage we’ll be asking ​questions such as: Who should have access to this data​? Who should benefit from having it?​ What if everyone was forced to have their genome sequenced at birth?​ 

Future Debates events are part of the British Science Association's work to make science a fundamental part of British society and culture. We want to empower many more people – not just scientists – to constructively engage in debates over the applications and implications of science in their lives, their local economy and the UK’s future.

Doors open from 6.30pm, with the debate to run from 7.00 until 9.00. 

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