Welcome to Future Debates, a series of events supported by the British Science Association.

Robotics Debate.

These events are part of our work to make science a fundamental part of British society and culture. We want to empower many more people – not just scientists – to constructively engage in debates over the applications and implications of science in their lives, their local economy and the UK’s future.
Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) are technologies that can perform actions without human guidance. These systems perform a range of tasks with varying degrees of autonomy, from completing a repetitive task in a fixed and predictable environment to gathering information and making intelligent decisions about which action to take.

Recent advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine vision and physical movement technologies have meant RAS are developing at an ever-increasing rate, presenting society with a boundless number of challenges and opportunities.

Our debate gathers experts from across the disciplines to ask questions such as:

How will robotics affect human workers?
How will robots deal with ethical dilemmas?
Who has control ?

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